Thursday, 18 April 2013

Evaluation of F/C, C/P and DPS

Evaluation 7 FINAL

Evaluation 6 FINAL

Evaluation 5 FINAL

Evaluation 4 FINAL

Question 4.
Who would be the audience for your media product?

My magazine audience would aim mainly at gig goes and young rock/hardcore lovers who would appear to be reckless and tend to go out most nights. The target audience being male or female as this covers a larger range of people and the music within the magazine is open to attract different genders and not separate people out. The age ranging from 18-25 so different generations can input their different experiences with the genre of music presented in the magazine. The magazines target audience shop at places like Rockaboom  to find cheap cd’s and vinyl’s and search for new artists while looking online for more independent and upcoming artists on websites such as and This group of people look for rock artists and upcoming artists combined, making my magazine appeal to them as it allows them to do this via magazine instead, reading articles or interviews about them, helping to create a much wider opinion about the artists they’re looking at. A large amount of the target audience wear band tees, getting them from gigs they go to or online shops and skinny jeans which can be purchased from most retail clothing shops, while going for a less cleaner look and more messy appearance, not looking slick and perfect. They enjoy going to gigs and festivals such as Download and Reading festival, which ties in well with the genre of the magazine, it being rock and hardcore based. Artists who will appear in the magazine will wear similar clothes to this while presenting themselves in a comparable way also, therefore allowing the magazine audience to relate to the magazine and artists presented within it. My audience will relate to magazine of the same genre such as NME, RockSound and Kerrang, hearing of mainstream bands such as Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari, well know bands that will also be shown within my magazine but won’t be the main focus, used to help catch the audience’s attention. While the main focus will be on the new upcoming bands such as Turbowolf, Proxies, Hawk Eyes and more which have similar styles e.g instruments, genre, hobbies and clothes, helping the audience to know what their music style is if they can relate it to mainstream bands who are already well know. My audience will spend a lot of their time going to house parties or going out with mates most nights while going to occasional gigs and then festivals every year while still a young adult, also drinking and being know to go out and have a good time.

Evaluation 3 FINAL

Question 3.
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

My magazine doesn’t have a specific institution, because it’s a handmade magazine the people who create the magazine will be their own institution, they will be their producers and organisers making the work needed in order to distribute it themselves. In order to produce and distribute it well the magazine will hire people who have experience in this, making sure the magazine has the best chance of being produced well so it appeals to the audience.
When hiring people to create the magazine I plan to gain people who offer experience in rock/hardcore magazines such as RockSound, NME and Kerrang, making sure the magazine is filled with the correct material and is presents the artists in the correct way in order for the magazine to compete with other magazines the contain the same genre. As it’s only a small handmade magazine it will be unlikely for it to be distributed to other countries as we wouldn’t be able to cover the expenses needed, making the magazines heavily distribution the UK, providing it with stronger connections to news agents and other retail stores within the country. Royale With Cheese aims to gain a growing audience because of its authentic and original look, creating something which represents an era of magazines which once looked like hand work and a large amount of skills and effort went into making it. The magazines target audience is young adults/teenagers, also providing interest to adults also, causing my institution to have large competition against other magazines with the same matching genre. It would also reach out to niche audiences which like the handmade handwritten style of magazines which provide it with the authentic look and appeal to a select group of people. Creating a website and groups on twitter and facebook will also help the institution in boosting a wider audience, helping us to gain more recognition.   

Evaluation 2 FINAL